Location: GBHWC - 1st Floor Training Room

Category: Training

Department: PEACE

Contact Person: Tasha Tydingco

Contact Number: 477-9079~83

Contact Email: Tasha.Tydingco@gbhwc.guam.gov

What is the Substance Abuse Prevention Skills Training (SAPST)?

  • Foundational course of study in substance abuse prevention, grounded in current research and SAMHSA’s Strategic Prevention Framework
  • Prepares practitioners to implement effective, data-driven prevention programs and practices that reduce behavioral health disparities and improve wellness
  • For practitioners new to the substance abuse prevention field and/or working in related disciplines
  • Innovative training that blends four-day, in-person component with interactive online unit
What does the SAPST prepare practitioners to do?
  • Address substance abuse prevention in the context of behavioral health
  • Improve practice by developing a comprehensive approach to prevention
  • Reduce behavioral health disparities by identifying the needs of vulnerable populations and improving cultural competency
  • Sustain prevention by collaborating effectively across sectors to address shared risk factors and improve the health and well-being of communities in a comprehensive way
What does the SAPST cover?
  • Introduction to Substance Abuse Prevention: Understanding the Basics (online), including an overview of basic terminology and facts, history of substance use and prevention in the U.S., addiction and the brain, and the effects and health risks of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs
  • Setting the Foundation: From Theory to Practice (in-person), including an exploration of behavioral health, the Institute of Medicine’s Continuum of Care, the public health approach to prevention, risk and protective factors, and the developmental perspective
  • Application: SAMHSA’s Strategic Prevention Framework (in-person), including presentations on assessment, capacity, planning, implementation, and evaluation, cultural competence, and sustainability

To register, please contact the PEACE Office at 477-9079~83 or email Tasha.Tydingco@gbhwc.guam.gov. Seats are limited; priority will be given to Partnerships for Success Partner Organizations.